Tuesday, 3 February 2009


MindMap 呢?除了以上说的兩点,多用图像色彩和每分支只有一字,还有其他东西要注意。我特别介绍另外八大要點,尤其在制作草图的時候十分有用:
  1. Start at the center of the page.
    Our mind focuses on the center of the page. That´s why mindmapping begins with a word or image that symbolizes what you want to think about placed in the middle of the page.
  2. Don´t be serious!
    Write down or draw the first things that come up in your mind when you start to think about related issues, persons, object, goals... Put your thoughts around the central thought. These can be everything. Even if they look strange or unimportant.
  3. Free associate.
    As ideas emerge, print one or two word descriptions of the ideas on lines branching from the central focus. Allow the ideas to expand outward into branches and sub- branches. Put down all ideas without judgment or evaluation.
  4. Think as fast as you can.
    Come up with an explosion of ideas. Translate them in words, images, codes or symbols.
  5. There are no boundaries.
    Think "out-of the-box". Everything is possible. Use wild colors, fat colored markers, crayons, or skinny felt tipped pens. You haven't lived until you've mindmapped a idea with hot pink and day-glo orange crayons.
  6. Don´t judge too fast.
    Again, everything is possible. Unrelated issues might me relevant later on. Think like you are brainstorming. Otherwise your mind will get stuck like a record in that "unrelated word" groove and you'll never generate those great ideas.
  7. Go, go, go....
    Keep your hand moving. If ideas slow down, draw empty lines, and watch your brain automatically find ideas to put on them. Or change colors to reenergize your mind. Stand up and mindmap on an easel pad to generate even more energy.
  8. Add relationships and connections.
    Sometimes you see relationships and connections immediately and you can add sub-branches to a main idea. Sometimes you don't, so you just connect the ideas to the central focus. Organization can always come later; the first requirement is to get the ideas out of your head and onto the paper.

MindMap 最好先起草,在決定整個架構才开始画。我建议使用免費的软件 FreeMind 來设计你的 MindMap。虽然这软件较难用顏色和图像,但勝在免費。你可以先用 FreeMind 设计好,列印出來稍稍更改,然後才用顏色和图像画在紙上。

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